Norwegian Soccer League gaining an edge with the Connected Stadium

Be great to see Premiership Rugby embracing the Connected Stadium to increase fan experience like this


FC Barcelona & Intel explore new sponsorship


A clever peace of Social/PR marketing or a waste of money? In a first for sports sponsorship, Intel have spent $25Million to place their logo in the inside of Barcelona’s football shirt.

It’s a clever ploy, being that Intel’s slogan is “always inside”, however outside of some PR and perhaps the odd “shirt over face” goal scoring moment, I’m not sure how it will reward the investment.

I hope I’m wrong and it’s a huge success as it’s very very clever.

The future of healing broken bones


If like me, you’ve played rugby. Then its highly likely that you will at some time broken a bone. The trama starts by going to the hospital, getting x-rayed, then you get that heavy plastercast wrapped around your arm. For me it was virtually always at the end of the season and the temperature gets hotter and the cast becomes itchier.

I just spotted this amazing 3D printed cast in Wired today and I’m just banged my head on the desk wondering why its taken so long for someone to design this! Its genius!

Tour de France sponsors reap benefits of TV coverage



You’d think that the scandal of Lance Armstrong, then Rabobank pulling out of Cycling would be a sign that the sport was in danger. But as the TdF kicked off this week, cycling is healthier than ever! New sponsors are signing up, new teams are being created and millions of people around the world are watching these amazing athletes in action.

So if you are thinking about sponsoring a cycling team? Here is where you want your logo.

For more details of how sponsors are benefiting from the TdF. Read here more on the BBC Business pages.