Open Office Pods to improve Productivity ‘Flow’ 

Open plan offices are great. Just not for doing any actual work! I love the interaction with colleagues, but when you need to really knuckle down and be productive, I need less distractions. 

I saw this really cool design by Steelcase of their new Brody designed productivity pod. The theory is that workers need complete concentration to reach a state of peak productivity called “Flow”. A 45min window to achieve your best results. 

I love this concept as it really fits into the way I like to work. I like to focus for bursts of productivity, then get up and move to a different location, usually a standing desk or sideboard to reenergise. 

Here’s opening the Facilities Manager at Cisco sees this and buys a load for my office. 



Virgin Media enables Flexible Working with Cisco Social Collaboration Software

If you follow my twitter or LinkedIn, you would have seen me post this video earlier in the week. Its a great reference study for Cisco’s social and collaboration solutions. I met some of the Virgin Media guys at the Cisco Collaboration Summit in Barcelona a couple of months back and they were raving about Cisco Quad, Jabber and WebEx. They said that since they implemented the solutions, 77% their employees felt that they were more productive than before. This is a huge figure and points towards the Enterprise moving away from the inbox to a more Social, more Collaborative way of working.

If you watch the video, you can also see that many of the Virgin Media employees are using multiple devices; Macs, PCs, iPads and smartphones. This goes back to my true belief of what Cloud Computing is; a similar user experience across multiple devices, wherever you are.