Infographic: Mobile in the Enterprise

I found this cool Infographic that adds fuel to the fire that we are embarking on the Post PC Era


The Post PC Era gathering speed in the Enterprise

I just wanted to highlight this great article in Information Week entitled “Microsoft could lose more than Consumers market to Tablets “.  It points at new research from Gartner that reinforces Cisco’s view that tablets are making significant inroads in the business market due to companies giving employees more technology choice and flexibility.

“CIOs are determined not to make the same mistakes they made with smartphones, which were written off early as expensive toys, or executive status symbols—which then left room for more inventive leaders who saw the competitive advantage that mobile applications would bring,” said David Willis, a research VP at Gartner, in a bulletin.

Before I left Microsoft to join Cisco I had a meeting with some senior Practice Leaders of a Global Systems Integrator at our HQ Offices. Opening up my Lenovo laptop to take notes, I noticed that everyone of them got out an iPad. Maybe not too much of a surprise but one of whom was their Microsoft Desktop Deployment lead!!

Consumerisation is here to stay and this Post PC era is a huge advantage for Cisco. There is only one Microsoft OS Tablet in the marketplace and Microsoft doesn’t play on Apple or Android. Combine this with the “new way of working” with Social Computing like Quad and Webex which operate on any device, then you can see how strong our offering is. The key is to not compete head on with Microsoft, but to focus on what Microsoft is not about.  Choice