The Cotswolds Broom Wagon


On a lovely stroll into the Cotswolds Market town of Tetbury, I spotted this cool Citroen H Van parked in Market Square.

There is a new cycling themed coffee shop opening up town and this classic van is their extended shop on wheels.

Why is it called a “Broom Wagon”? In the old days of the Tour de France, this old van used to follow the riders of the race with a broom strapped to it. If it caught you up, you were “swept up” and had to retire from the race as you hadn’t finished in the allocated time.


Tour de France sponsors reap benefits of TV coverage



You’d think that the scandal of Lance Armstrong, then Rabobank pulling out of Cycling would be a sign that the sport was in danger. But as the TdF kicked off this week, cycling is healthier than ever! New sponsors are signing up, new teams are being created and millions of people around the world are watching these amazing athletes in action.

So if you are thinking about sponsoring a cycling team? Here is where you want your logo.

For more details of how sponsors are benefiting from the TdF. Read here more on the BBC Business pages.