Top 10 data center trends of 2012 & beyond


At the recent Gartner ITxpo in Orlando, David Cearley, a vice president and Gartner fellow, discussed his vision of the top 10 data center trends of 2012 that will affect you in 2013 and beyond. 


Clouds + Mobility = Improved Collaboration

As someone who always recommends a short video in any partner or customer presentation to bring it to life. Here is the latest viral video from Cisco that was posted on YouTube over the weekend.

The message is clear, “Clouds and Mobility improve Collaboration

I’ve heard that Cisco have hired a couple of Marketing folks from the Microsoft Office365 team and it looks like they have got straight into action with this this video; highlighting a few of Cisco’s strengths against their old employers. Thankfully its not the usual Cisco technical spin; its a video aimed at getting Managers and Directors thinking about the strategic agenda of their business.

Have a look and let me know what you think?

Business Together as a Service

I tweeted this video earlier today, but I wanted to blog about it too.
Orange Business Services & Cisco have created ‘Business Together as a Service’; a Unified Communications & Collaboration service in the cloud. What I like about this offering is that to me, this is a true cloud service. Leading UC and Collaboration solutions available across multiple operating systems and devices, on demand and secure. What I also like, is that it’s an individual service for individual companies, not a one size fits all public cloud offering.
Have a look and let me know what you think?

Amazon Fires up the Tablet market

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos introduces the Kindle Fire

Yesterday’s launch of Amazon’s new Tablet, the Kindle Fire, has stirred up all sorts of trouble for the other vendors in the same space.

Will Apple be hurting? A little bit, but it’s really RIM, Microsoft and the other Android tablets that are in for a tough time. Amazon seem to have created a lovely device and new web browser aimed at the mass market. There is plenty of people that want an iPad but don’t want to pay the premium for a Tablet. We all saw what happened when HP did a firesale on their Touchpads, the price point was just right for the mass market.

There are also plenty of people out there that love their Kindle’s and prefer the smaller form factor. I’m a new Kindle user. I read 4 books on holiday last week and loved the device. When my iPhone blew up I even tried out the Kindle browser. It wasn’t great, but it looks like Amazon have invested a lot of R&D to build their new Silk browser. It looks very slick and uses Amazon’s EC2 cloud to really optimize the user experience.

I think the Kindle Fire is really going to put huge pressure on Microsoft. Consumers are now seeing that you can buy really capable devices without having to spend the Steve Ballmer OS tax. Do users need Windows 8 and Office outside of the workspace? Not really.  And I think that the reality of this issue has hit home after the mass walkout during Ballmer’s speech at the Microsoft Company meeting last week.

But the key to Amazon’s success is going to be content. Their vast amount of books, magazines and music means that the Kindle is certain to be a must have device. Portable, slick, easy and powerful when on the Internet.  I have been trying to think what sort of people will buy one? To be honest at that price I think its pretty much aimed at everyone.  In today’s consumer market, it’s the content that is king. Amazon has that in bucket loads, and all on a device less than $200.

Shattering the OS barrier to Collaboration

As I end my 1st month in my new job at Cisco, I have to say I’m really impressed with the forward thinking of the company. There has been a few negative articles in the media about Cisco’s mixed strategy, and then there was the decision to can the Flip camera. But at the heart of the Cisco is a desire to get people collaborating anywhere, anytime and more importantly on any device. As the Consumerisation of IT gathers speed, Cisco’s Collaboration solutions work on multiple platforms including Windows, Apple, Android and Blackberry giving  a similar user experience across them all. I strongly believe that this is the true meaning of Cloud Computing; similar to the post I made several months ago about Amazon and its Kindle. Its not about locking people to a device or operating system, its about choice and letting people use whatever means they want to be more efficient. Cisco do this, but there aren’t many other software vendors that can claim that.

Next week I’m off to the Galway Innovation Centre with a group of Partners to see the latest and greatest Cisco solutions in action; I’ll report back next week.

Microsoft gets Feisty with VMware

Looks a harmless Billboard promoting Microsoft’s Cloud Technologies right?

Well it would be, however this billboard has been placed a mere 5miles from VMware World Headquarters in Palo Alto. Its also on the route that most VMware employees take to work!

 For someone who has worked at Microsoft for over 5years now this sort of feisty advertising is a sight for sore eyes. Over the time that I’ve been here, its been frowned apon internally  if we create a campaign that competes directly with another software vendor. However “Cloud Computing” seems to be the game changer!

 Next step for Microsoft? Hopefully a focus on Social Marketing and viral