The Internet of Everything transforms Hamburg into a Smart Connected City

Great example of how the Internet of Everything and Cisco can transform a City into a smart city


The Consumerisation of the Enterprise is over

I came across this interesting article from Owen Thomas earlier this week, outling that “Consumerization of the Enterprise is over. Why? Because its already accepted. At the point that a trend becomes obvious and mainstream, it is no longer a trend. It is historical fact.

“These renegade tools arrived without the sanction of traditional IT departments, upending everything from the design of networks and security protocols to the very hierarchy of corporations. Also known as BYOD, or “bring your own device,” it’s less of a deliberate move than a belated acceptance of reality.”

Now Shell, the energy giant, has announced it is allowing its 135,000 employees to bring their own devices to work, and offering them access to the tools and technologies they need over the Internet—the cloud, if you prefer.

Ken Mann, Shell’s enterprise information security architect, explained this as a recruiting decision as much as a technology move—an acknowledgement of the inevitability of the consumerisation movement. “We’re going to have a lot of people turning over, and we want to be able to attract and retain talented and young staff,” Mann said at the CA World conference in Las Vegas earlier this week, V3 reports. “They don’t want to come into a locked corporate environment.” Shell has always been something of a future-forward organisation, employing futurists long before many technology companies did. So consider it a harbinger of what will happen to other companies of its size. They will either embrace similar strategies or find themselves unable to compete for talent or customers.

This puts Cisco in a really strong position with our BYOD and Borderless Networks solutions. We offer our customers and partners, the ability to make a shift towards consumerisation, without losing control. Also with our Workspace Apps like WebEx gaining widespread acclaim as one of the top 10 Apps for business, we offer real productivity on any device which puts us one step ahead of our competition.

Clouds + Mobility = Improved Collaboration

As someone who always recommends a short video in any partner or customer presentation to bring it to life. Here is the latest viral video from Cisco that was posted on YouTube over the weekend.

The message is clear, “Clouds and Mobility improve Collaboration

I’ve heard that Cisco have hired a couple of Marketing folks from the Microsoft Office365 team and it looks like they have got straight into action with this this video; highlighting a few of Cisco’s strengths against their old employers. Thankfully its not the usual Cisco technical spin; its a video aimed at getting Managers and Directors thinking about the strategic agenda of their business.

Have a look and let me know what you think?

Virgin Media enables Flexible Working with Cisco Social Collaboration Software

If you follow my twitter or LinkedIn, you would have seen me post this video earlier in the week. Its a great reference study for Cisco’s social and collaboration solutions. I met some of the Virgin Media guys at the Cisco Collaboration Summit in Barcelona a couple of months back and they were raving about Cisco Quad, Jabber and WebEx. They said that since they implemented the solutions, 77% their employees felt that they were more productive than before. This is a huge figure and points towards the Enterprise moving away from the inbox to a more Social, more Collaborative way of working.

If you watch the video, you can also see that many of the Virgin Media employees are using multiple devices; Macs, PCs, iPads and smartphones. This goes back to my true belief of what Cloud Computing is; a similar user experience across multiple devices, wherever you are.


Business Together as a Service

I tweeted this video earlier today, but I wanted to blog about it too.
Orange Business Services & Cisco have created ‘Business Together as a Service’; a Unified Communications & Collaboration service in the cloud. What I like about this offering is that to me, this is a true cloud service. Leading UC and Collaboration solutions available across multiple operating systems and devices, on demand and secure. What I also like, is that it’s an individual service for individual companies, not a one size fits all public cloud offering.
Have a look and let me know what you think?

Apple’s Consumerisation of the Cloud in the Post PC Era

Some of you will already be aware of the Apple announcements made earlier this week about the new features of iOS and iCloud. As a consumer you are probably pretty excited about the enhanced features on your “fondle device” as well as syncing your iTunes, Videos and Photos across multiple iDevices via the iCloud. It certainly boosted Apple’s share price even more as they dug the knife into both Microsoft and Google.

There was also good news from a Cisco point of view too. It was great to see WebEx shown in the WWDC Keynote to represent Business usage on an iPad2; extending the awareness of our Cloud Collaboration Solution and enhancing Cisco’s brand as leading edge.

Apple’s Consumerisation of the cloud is pretty interesting, but if like me you think about the bigger Post PC Era picture, then these announcements could also be game-changing for Businesses and Channel Partners.

Apple devices are easier to Manage

Although consumers have quickly embraced iPhones and iPads, Corporates have taken to them a lot slower as they haven’t been fully supported by IT. However, now Apple have made them a lot easier to manage with encrypted emails, device updates, user content and backups; all over the air. As “it will all just work” as Jobs suggested, the user experience will be excellent so IT can potentially free up datacenter space for other business critical applications and services like UC or VXI to make the user experience across the rest of the organisation even better.

Multi Device Workspace

At Cisco we have fully embraced the multi device workspace for some time and its one of the leading messages we drive with WebEx, Jabber and Quad. Apple with the creation of iCloud and the ability for an iPad & iPhone combination to sync together when linked to the same Apple account, really reinforces Cisco’s multi device message and will drive C-Level execs to expect the same level of service within a work environment. The good news for Cisco is that our Workspace solutions work across Android and PC as well as Apple giving us an even better “Open” message.

So Apple have excited the Consumer but have also provided opportunities for Cisco and our Channel to exploit the massive media noise created from iCloud to drive home the Post PC Era message to our Customers. It may mean that  Partners might have to readdress some of  the services they currently offer, but Cisco is well placed  to help and make them profitable well into the future. And the Future is looking Cloudy.