Could this be the future of mobile phones?

Really clever idea by a company called Phonebloks.

I love the idea that we can customise our phones to give us what we need. The main issue Phonebloks has, is that consumers buy mobile phones based on fashion/design. As long as these guys account for that, we could have a unique device. Assuming they have the apps….


The Consumerisation of the Enterprise is over

I came across this interesting article from Owen Thomas earlier this week, outling that “Consumerization of the Enterprise is over. Why? Because its already accepted. At the point that a trend becomes obvious and mainstream, it is no longer a trend. It is historical fact.

“These renegade tools arrived without the sanction of traditional IT departments, upending everything from the design of networks and security protocols to the very hierarchy of corporations. Also known as BYOD, or “bring your own device,” it’s less of a deliberate move than a belated acceptance of reality.”

Now Shell, the energy giant, has announced it is allowing its 135,000 employees to bring their own devices to work, and offering them access to the tools and technologies they need over the Internet—the cloud, if you prefer.

Ken Mann, Shell’s enterprise information security architect, explained this as a recruiting decision as much as a technology move—an acknowledgement of the inevitability of the consumerisation movement. “We’re going to have a lot of people turning over, and we want to be able to attract and retain talented and young staff,” Mann said at the CA World conference in Las Vegas earlier this week, V3 reports. “They don’t want to come into a locked corporate environment.” Shell has always been something of a future-forward organisation, employing futurists long before many technology companies did. So consider it a harbinger of what will happen to other companies of its size. They will either embrace similar strategies or find themselves unable to compete for talent or customers.

This puts Cisco in a really strong position with our BYOD and Borderless Networks solutions. We offer our customers and partners, the ability to make a shift towards consumerisation, without losing control. Also with our Workspace Apps like WebEx gaining widespread acclaim as one of the top 10 Apps for business, we offer real productivity on any device which puts us one step ahead of our competition.