The Digitalisation of Hotels – Digital Room Keys

If you haven’t already heard, Starwood Hotels rolled out a digital mobile phone room key in November across 100 of their hotels. CIO recently covered this in an article 

I can already hear some of you shouting at your screens asking why we need this feature? 

Well for the hotel it’s easy, they get extra data that they can use to make better business decisions; it’s also allows their check in staff to do other things than serve you. 
But from the guest’s point of view, because you have to register on the Hotel App, you don’t have to spend time waiting at the reception desk. You can enter your own name, address and credit card details so you can go straight to your room after your long flight without the hassle of the front desk. 

But what excites me, is thinking about what version 2 of the App may be? If Starwood continue to develop their digitalisation project, in future you may be able to set the temperature of the room before you step off the plane, book a restaurant table or order room service to be delivered 10mins after you arrive. The opportunities are nearly endless! 

For someone who always checks the wifi capabilities of the hotels I stay at when I travel on business, this extra control I could have of my trip in the dead space of an Airport, would definitely encourage me to stay loyal to a particular Hotel brand. All we need now is a mobile phone that lasts long enough to cope with it being a boarding card, a taxi booker and a room key.. 


Clever solution to close the Marketing Voucher loop

Ive never really got behind the QR revolution/whimper. I know what they are but never really saw the benefit. This then affected the way I perceived them in business. “Nice idea, but whats the point”

I then stumbled across the Swipestation. This clever device is a built in scanner, printer and point of sale solution that brings QR codes and marketing vouchers to life. It also allows the retail vendor to capture great information on their customers who are using their establishment and their vouchers.

The case studies on their website in Red Bull, Pepsi and Yates Pubs, but I can imagine this device can be used in just about any retail or hospitality establishment.

In a world where focus seems to be all about online interaction, this device keeps a foot in both camps providing a nice customer experience.