Will Beats Music stream direct to your headphones?


I’ve never been a massive fan of Will.Iam, apart from the time Microsoft got the Black Eyed Peas to play at our sales conference in Atlanta. Then I read about Will’s views of technology and innovation in last month’s Wired magazine. He talked a lot about the need to react quickly to popular culture in order to give the consumer what they want.

Then yesterday Beats announced their Beats Music streaming service. It’s not the first music streaming service on the market; in fact it’s years behind Spotify. But it does seem that Beats Music is all about curation and giving the consumer (or champion as Will.I am calls them) mood of music that they want.

This all sounds interesting, but what I find more exciting, is the possibility of Beats combining their Headphones and streaming service. How cool will it be if their Beats by Dre headphones could connect via 4G and stream music without the need of your mp3, iPhone or Android device?

I have a feeling this is where Will.I am will take Beats. More wearable tech!


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