Mobile Collaboration – New Forrester Wave

Here is the latest Forrester Report outlining the leaders in Mobile Collaboration. Forrester looked at a number of factors (15 criteria total) when creating this Wave, including enterprise readiness and cross-platform support. They also only considered cloud-based applications that worked across multiple mobile operating systems; this meant that vendors such as Apple, Microsoft and Blackberry werent considered.

However this Wave is new one for Forrester and it sort of shows; I dont think you can really compare Web Conferencing solutions with file storage. It doesnt really make sense. A list may work, but not a wave. Saying that its great to see Cisco still riding high with WebEx, its a great collaboration solution and works on pretty much any device. To me, thats the true meaning of Cloud Collaboration.


The decision to include only cloud-based apps is an indication that the future belongs to the mobile app Internet, which is application architecture defined as “an architecture of native apps on smart mobile devices linked to cloud-based services that provide a context-rich experience anytime, anywhere.”


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