Shattering the OS barrier to Collaboration

As I end my 1st month in my new job at Cisco, I have to say I’m really impressed with the forward thinking of the company. There has been a few negative articles in the media about Cisco’s mixed strategy, and then there was the decision to can the Flip camera. But at the heart of the Cisco is a desire to get people collaborating anywhere, anytime and more importantly on any device. As the Consumerisation of IT gathers speed, Cisco’s Collaboration solutions work on multiple platforms including Windows, Apple, Android and Blackberry giving  a similar user experience across them all. I strongly believe that this is the true meaning of Cloud Computing; similar to the post I made several months ago about Amazon and its Kindle. Its not about locking people to a device or operating system, its about choice and letting people use whatever means they want to be more efficient. Cisco do this, but there aren’t many other software vendors that can claim that.

Next week I’m off to the Galway Innovation Centre with a group of Partners to see the latest and greatest Cisco solutions in action; I’ll report back next week.


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