How Social Media Strengthens Companies

I spotted another great infographic post from my friend and mentor Eileen Brown over the weekend. As I mentioned in my last blog post, I will shortly be joining Cisco to look after the Channel Development of their Social Computing/Collaboration Platform, Quad. When I try and describe what Quad is to people outside of the Industry, I often say its like Facebook for Enterprise. Not strictly true but at least its a level playing field to start with. However when you say Facebook to some people over 30yrs old they often associate it with wasting time rather than working. But the top half of this infographic really pulls out some reasons why Social (media) Computing will be so important for Businesses going forward. Collaboration, sharing new ideas, team building and the engaging the workforce are great uses of Enterprise 2.0 Social software.  Let’s face it, it’s not the Banks that are going to pull us out of the recession, its people like us working harder, smarter and better together that will do it.

If I can go to work without having to sift through 1000 email  in my inbox and instead use a Social Collaboration Tool like Quad to help me prioritise what I should be working on, then I know I’m using the Facebook for Enterprise to not waste time.


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