The Rise of the Social CV

  I really liked this blog post from James Poulter about how the CV was “becoming less and less appealing to HR directors, whose inboxes are filled daily with the word document versions of young hopefuls, applying for graduate schemes and alike. So many are now trying their hand at getting noticed by the powers that be, by using a different set of tools – those being digital, mobile and most importantly social”

As I step away from my role at Microsoft into a new role at Cisco, my focus is moving much closer to Enterprise Social Computing  and Blog posts like James reinforces that it is a great move for me. Organisations are changing, not necessarily from Top Down, but from the Bottom Up. As GenY begin their careers, they are brining a social evolution to Corporate Britain which will only gain momentum as time goes by. This infographic may not work for everyone but it sure is more exciting than looking at 2 pages of A4!


2 thoughts on “The Rise of the Social CV

  1. It’s a great idea of a CV – and yet another idea of an innovative way to stand out from the crowd. My thoughts are always how CVs like this (and video CVs) sit and work in a world so often invested in CV Parsers, ATSs, CV databases and now Profile Crawler bots. I agree totally that many recruiters and hiring managers get tired of sifting CVs, and I always think of them needing a five minute creative break – this type of CV sits nicely in that as a great diversion and as such should often work well. However once EVERYONE has these, you then start needing a way of sifting through them all once again.. and systems will need to be potentially changed to allow for this. That said, it’s a simple fact of course that not everyone is capable of making CVs like this and that allows sifting in itself. I see the “we can write you a perfect CV” industry moving to offer the “perfect social CV just for you” quickly if these do catch on though!

    • I totally agree Gareth. Like most new and creative ideas it follower the principles of product lifecycle. Great when its utilised by early adopters, but a little tiresome when the late majority then fully embrace it. Of course its not exactly practical for the majority of job roles that HR managers manage but still has its place in areas that require high creativity. I remember when I graduated from University coming up with a harebrained idea that I would print my CV onto a 6ft wooden door to make it stand out from the masses. Would have cost me a fortune!

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