The Hybrid Organisation

I’ve been meaning to update my blog about the Hybrid Organisation for a while now; I read these great papers and viewed the 13min video commissioned by Microsoft last week and was inspired.

Microsoft has brought together experts in the fields of social change, technology and organisational structure in the public and private sectors to build up a picture of a ‘hybrid organisation’ one that is flexible, nimble and encourages individuals with a variety of backgrounds and approaches to work together to ensure organisational success. The papers really explore the role and relevance of organisations in a future defined by economic uncertainty, changing workforce demographics, globalisation and rapid developments in social and business technologies.

 I’m really excited by the future; I think the new Coalition Government in the UK will create more entrepreneurs and increase innovation which will only be a good thing for both Private and Public Organisation. For me, my focus next Fiscal year at Microsoft will be on Cloud and Social Computing; both play key roles in the Hybrid Organisation…so that’ll be another busy year for me then! J


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